The shallot (Allium ascalonicum) is a plant that belongs to the garlic family (Alliaceae).



There are different types of shallots with different shapes (round or elongated) and colors (from brown to grey).  Agro Centre Holland offers the medium high seed shallots (Conserver), and banana shallots, also named Echalion.



A unique feature is that we use shallots grown from seed. Compared to the conventional method of growing shallots, where the shallots are propagated from bulbs, this guarantees a virus-free start.


Shallots have a slightly more sophisticated flavor than regular onions and are also easier to digest. Cleaning and cutting shallots irritates the eyes even more than cutting ordinary onions. A shallot is a small onion with a refined taste that fits very well in all kinds of recipes. After stir-frying shallots you will obtain a sweet flavor because of the high dry matter content.


Shape and color

The flesh has a soft pink glow. Shallots are smaller than regular onions.